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Unlocking Efficiency:  A Case Study with Sara Schonour from Luxi

In lighting design, efficiency and accuracy are paramount. In this case study Sara Schonour, a renowned lighting designer at Luxsi, shares her transformative journey with Sourcery.

But before we dive-in, let's take a quick look back at the key value points Sara has experienced since becoming a Sourcery user.

  • Centralized Information: Sourcery serves as a single source of truth, reducing duplication and errors.
  • Streamlined Communication: The platform minimizes email traffic and retains a searchable log of comments and updates.
  • Enhanced Collaboration: Teams can verify part numbers and updates within the platform, saving significant time.
  • Mobile Access: On-the-go access to information supports on-site decisions and remote work.
  • Future Integrations: Anticipated integrations with Revit and other tools promise further efficiency gains.

The Challenge

Sara faced significant challenges managing her distributed team across multiple offices, each using different systems like Revit. The lack of a centralized platform led to frequent errors and inefficiencies. "Errors in product updates or discrepancies with what's available in the field created many headaches," she recalls. The need for a unified system to manage standard products and communication became evident​.

Discovering Sourcery

The turning point came when Sara listened to a podcast featuring Paul Boken, Sourcery's CEO. His discussion on Sourcery's capabilities resonated with her, especially its potential to serve as a single source of truth for her team's projects. This centralized platform promised to alleviate the issues of duplication and redundancy that plagued her workflow.

Implementing Sourcery

Upon integrating Sourcery, Sara noticed immediate improvements. One significant change was the reduction in email traffic. "We noticed about 400 comments would show up over a year-long design phase, which translated to 400 emails we didn't have to send," she explains. The platform's searchable history and comment logs helped manage project changes without losing vital information.

Enhanced Communication and Collaboration

Sourcery also revolutionized how Sara's team communicated. The ability to verify part numbers and updates within the platform saved significant time and reduced errors. This streamlined communication was crucial for maintaining consistency across different project stages and locations​.

Mobile Information On-the-Go

One of the standout features for Sara was Sourcery's mobile capabilities. Being able to access information on-the-go was a game-changer for on-site decisions and remote work. This flexibility ensured that her team could stay connected and productive, regardless of their location​.

Future Integrations and Improvements

Looking ahead, Sara is excited about potential integrations with tools like Revit. She envisions a future where Sourcery collections can be integrated directly, saving even more time and enhancing their workflow. This seamless communication between platforms is a critical area for development and one that Sara eagerly anticipates.

Sourcery Real World Benefits

Sara's story isn't just about the features of Sourcery; it's about the real-world benefits it brings to her workflow. This efficiency not only saves time but also reduces the cognitive load on her team, allowing them to focus more on design and less on administrative tasks.

Quantifiable Improvements

One of the most impressive aspects of Sara's use of Sourcery is the quantifiable improvements it has brought. The reduction of 400 emails per project phase is a clear indicator of enhanced efficiency. Additionally, the ability to keep information up to date and easily accessible has minimized errors and rework, leading to smoother project execution​.

Building a Culture of Efficiency

The introduction of Sourcery has also contributed to a culture of efficiency and continuous improvement within Sara's team. The ease of accessing and updating information encourages team members to keep data current, knowing it will benefit everyone involved. This cultural shift towards better information management practices is a significant, albeit less tangible, benefit of using Sourcery.


Sara Schonour's experience with Sourcery highlights the platform's ability to centralize information, streamline communication, and enhance team collaboration. For lighting designers and project managers facing similar challenges, Sourcery offers a robust solution to manage projects efficiently and effectively.