What's all the buzz about?

Discover how our clients revolutionize their product workflows with Sourcery.

Unlocking Efficiency

In this case study, we sit down with Sara Schonour, a lighting designer at Luxi and an avid user of Sourcery, to explore her experiences with our platform.

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Sourcery is one of those tools that is a real game changer for designers and the project team ecosystem.  Super excited to have our teams using this in our studios!
As an agent, I can't emphasize enough how much Sourcery has enhanced our specification process. Sourcery has become a part of our agency’s workflow.
One of our most Valued "tools". Finally a platform that lets everyone collaborate and share great ideas and products!
~Dark Tools
Sourcery has been instrumental in broadening our product's visibility among a wider circle of designers. They deliver our product information in a manner that meets designers' needs.
~Samuel Estrada
As a specifier, there is no tool out there that makes me more efficient than Sourcery. No more paper catalogues, no more disjointed communication.  It all now lives inside Sourcery.
~Jesse B
Sourcery has revolutionized our specification process, connecting us with our favorite products, manufacturers, and reps.
~Sara Schonour
Sourcery has not only streamlined our workflow but also enhanced our efficiency, allowing us to access and manage everything we need from a single platform.
~Lu-Yu Huang, Electrolight